Monday’s Links We Love and Love to Hate

A Breakdown of the latest race, gender and just plain interesting news popping up on the web:

— Love:  Black Twitter’s Reaction to Sally Mae’s  anniversary.

— Love:  “Sally, Sally” I can’t afford my hair.” The above video, Tuition, a parody of the Beyonce song “Partition,” left a huge smile on my face.

—  Hate: I already called out Wisconsin once this week for its white privilege, but being 50th in the US in Education for Black Children while being 10th in the US for white children is embarrassing.

— Love:  Of particular relevance yesterday (and I’m not talking about Easter), anyone traveling through Colorado will now be able to stay at the Bud N’ Breakfast.

— Hate:  High School kids get suspended for wearing Confederate Flags in School.  If you want to push the envelope when it comes to student’s First Amendment Rights, do something like clever like holding up a sign that reads “Bong Hits For Jesus.”