When I look at this photo of Doyin Richards, daddy blogger over at Daddy Doin Work and father of two adorable children, doing his daughter’s hair, I feel all kinds of happy feels in my heart. My dad did my hair. one time. It looked absolutely terrible. But I love that he tried. This picture makes me nostalgic and who doesn’t love to see fathers and daughters just being awesome together?
Apparently a whole bunch of racist assholes people. Apparently, some people see this and  think “look at this black thug putting his hands on this little white girl…who he probably kidnapped.” You think I am kidding? Perhaps exaggerating for effect? Sigh, I wish I was. Check out the story below on Gawker:

And read Richard’s response to the hatas here. This guy isn’t just a great dad, he is a class act.

1 comment for “I guess you just can’t win: internet idiots attack black daddy blogger over viral photo of interracial daughter

  1. January 15, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    Isn’t it time to see racists as retards and just not take them seriously anymore? The world is going forward, just let them stay behind if they want to.

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