Half Vulcan / Half Human, all love: Spock’s 1968 advice to a young biracial teenage girl

Happy New Year! In the year 2013 Chan and I decided to start blogging about some of our experiences.  One article that inspired me to start writing was a story about a letter that Leonard Nimoy (writing as the Star Trek character, Spock) wrote to a fan in 1968.  The teenage girl had written to the popular character to tell him she was having trouble fitting in as a mixed-race teenager.  In Spock’s letter (the link is below) he encouraged the girl that things would “get better” and that he also had trouble fitting in as someone who is half-human and half-vulcan.  My favorite quote is when Spock states that “there’s a little voice inside each of us that tells us when we’re not being true to ourselves.  We should listen to this voice.”  My goal for 2014 is to stay true to myself, trust the voice inside me, and to limit how the actions and comments of others affect my life so that I may live, long, and prosper.


spock 1

spock 2