“Meet Your First Black Girlfriend” video hilariously saves white guys from awkward moments.

I laughed out loud the first time I watched this video; it manages to be both equal parts instructive and funny. While some of it has to be exaggerated… I can’t imagine that anyone with any common sense (or a healthy respect for living) would ask their girlfriend how one race compares to another…most of her instructions to her guy are dead on. I wanted to raise my hand and yell “Preach it!” when she said “Yes, you can touch my hair. But your friends can’t and your family can’t. So don’t ask” or “I know you can’t recognize when my hair looks a mess but I don’t want side eye from the black people on the train.”

Btw, someone needs to make the counterpart to this video called “Meet Your First White Boyfriend” with instructions like “Yes, I am going to tip regardless of how good the service was. Deal with it.” I am not going to lie, that conversation actually happened. So an instructive video would have been nice.

Get on it interweb.