Links for March 27, 2013



 (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

  • Aaron thinks the Supreme Court may ultimately find that it doesn’t have the legal authority to reach the merits of the  marriage equality issues in Hollingsworth v. Perry.  Reading Scotus blogger Amy Howe’s take on today’s oral arguments, I think he might be right.  The question is, if the Supreme Court declines to hear the merits of this case, how far back does this decisions set the gay rights movement ? 
  • Something . . . white girl . . .  sexts . . . Nancy Grace must be all over this.
  • I think Tamara Mowry is handling the negative attitudes about her bi-racial child’s skin color with real grace.
  • This is why I almost didn’t start this website with my boyfriend.
  • Agreed.  Ma’lik Richmond is the luckiest black man alive
  • Surprisingly thoughtful reflection on the importance of skin color and dolls in shaping the female psyche.
  • I am sorry. I refuse to be offended by white people doing the “Harlem Shake.”
  •  A colorblind constitution: what Abigail Fisher’s affirmative action case is really about.



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