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Dont Get Her Hair Wet Gets Serious

Update: Donald Sterling’s girlfriend recorded over 100 HOURS conversation between the two…someone is about to get paid.

 Despite her claim that she is not Donald Sterling’s girlfriend (if my eyes could roll any harder at that statement they would fall out my head) is reporting that V. Stiviano is in possession of over 100  HOURS of recorded conversation…

Donald Sterling Just Let’s All the Racism Out: Extended Transcript Even Worse Than Original

So last week, posted a recording of Los Angeles Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling discussing the beauty and importance of diversity. Wait, my bad. I mean posted a phone call, recorded by Sterling’s ex-girlfriend V. Stiviavino of Sterling going all 12 Years of…

“Do you only date White girls now” and other links for Tuesday.

“Promoting the ideal of being “colorblind” to fix to racism is like promoting illiteracy to fix bad writing.” Preach. “Do You Only Date White Girls Now?” Girl Bye. I can’t with Lindsay Lohan anymore. The Magazine Interview Where Lindsay Lohan Drinks…

Scandal: Sex, Subtext and Subversion

This post was originally entitled “The Best Critique / Defense of Olivia Pope You Will Ever Read” but since the original title is much more succinct and honestly perfect, we decided to keep it. On November 23, 2013, I was scrolling down…



When I look at this photo of Doyin Richards, daddy blogger over at Daddy Doin Work and father of two adorable children, doing his daughter’s hair, I feel all kinds of happy feels in my heart. My dad did my hair. one time. It looked absolutely terrible. But I love that he tried. This picture makes me nostalgic and who doesn’t love to see fathers and daughters just being awesome together?
Apparently a whole bunch of racist assholes people. Apparently, some people see this and  think “look at this black thug putting his hands on this little white girl…who he probably kidnapped.” You think I am kidding? Perhaps exaggerating for effect? Sigh, I wish I was. Check out the story below on Gawker:

And read Richard’s response to the hatas here. This guy isn’t just a great dad, he is a class act.