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When I look at this photo of Doyin Richards, daddy blogger over at Daddy Doin Work and father of two adorable children, doing his daughter’s hair, I feel all kinds of happy feels in my heart. My dad did my hair. one time. It looked absolutely terrible. But I love that he tried. This picture makes me nostalgic and who doesn’t love to see fathers and daughters just being awesome together?
Apparently a whole bunch of racist assholes people. Apparently, some people see this and  think “look at this black thug putting his hands on this little white girl…who he probably kidnapped.” You think I am kidding? Perhaps exaggerating for effect? Sigh, I wish I was. Check out the story below on Gawker:

And read Richard’s response to the hatas here. This guy isn’t just a great dad, he is a class act.

“Meet Your First Black Girlfriend” video hilariously saves white guys from awkward moments.


I laughed out loud the first time I watched this video; it manages to be both equal parts instructive and funny. While some of it has to be exaggerated… I can’t imagine that anyone with any common sense (or a healthy respect for living) would ask their girlfriend how…

The Time This Racist Threw a Banana at My Head and How it was a Totally Life Affirming Experience

grinning banana

    The banana is the fourth most financially valuable food product in the world.This is not surprising. Bananas are nutritious and delicious; they come in their own carrying case, and can be made into magnificent works of art. I am generalizing…

A Roll Call of the Most Interesting Articles about Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance. commentator Ninjacate’s peice “Solidarity is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of her VMA Performance” See the problem isn’t that they talked about slut shaming. That deserves attention. The problem is that they completely sidestepped the other glaring…

Maybe I am just a hata: Blogger tells black women they should stop focusing on earning a degree and focus on getting married instead.

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So blogger Jamila Akil at Beyond has written a post entitled, “Black Women Are Spending Too Much Time and Effort Going to School, They Should Be Spending That Time Trying to Get Married” were she encourages her melanin blessed brethren to forsake…