Update: Donald Sterling’s girlfriend recorded over 100 HOURS conversation between the two…someone is about to get paid.

 Despite her claim that she is not Donald Sterling’s girlfriend (if my eyes could roll any harder at that statement they would fall out my head) TMZ.com is reporting that V. Stiviano is in possession of over 100  HOURS of recorded conversation between herself and Sterling, some of which is probably even more inflammatory than the already released tape. Allegedly, Sterling called Stiviano on Sunday and offered her pretty much whatever she wanted to keep her from releasing the tapes… she told him to call her attorney.

V. Stiviano and LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling...just hanging out...you know like friends do...

V. Stiviano and LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling…just hanging out…you know like friends do…

I guess somebody is about to get paid…I don’t think even the great Olivia Pope can help Sterling out of this one.

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